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Beta-5 changelog (2021-03-24)


  • Windows users: The default config directory was changed to %appdata%/FeatherWallet. If you wish to retain your old config, move the contents of %userprofile%\.config\feather to the new location.

History page:

  • Columns can now be hidden and reordered
  • Right click the table header for options
  • History layout is persisted in the config
  • A txid column was added (hidden by default)
  • Amount sort should now work as expected
  • Tx description of pending transactions can now be changed
  • Amount precision as displayed in the amount column can be changed in settings
  • The fiat column once again shows the historical fiat price (instead of "?")
  • Description can now be copied from the context menu
  • Pressing Ctrl+C with a tx selected will now copy its txid to the clipboard
  • Date and time format can now be configured in the settings

Transaction proofs:

  • A new dialog to create transaction proofs was added
  • To access it right click on a transaction -> "Create tx proof" or via the transaction information dialog.
  • Proofs can now be output in a new PGP-like message format.
  • It contains all the necessary information to verify the proof signature, including an optional message.
  • Formatted proofs can be verified easily in the "Tools -> Verify transaction proof" dialog.
  • Descriptive messages will be shown when generating a particular tx proof is not possible due to missing tx key, or other issue.

Transaction info:

  • Information shown in the tx info dialog is now more descriptive
  • The old transaction proof creation widget was removed
  • Multiple tx info dialogs can now be open at the same time

Receive page:

  • Subaddresses can now be hidden
  • Checkboxes were added to show used / hidden subaddresses

Send page:

  • The "Pay to" field on the send tab should no longer have clipping issues
  • Pressing tab on the "Pay to" field will now move the cursor to the next field instead of inserting a tab character

Sweep output dialog:

  • When splitting an output a estimated output calculation is shown. e.g. "1 XMR ≈ 5x 0.2 XMR"


  • The network status is more responsive
  • The dreaded "? blocks remaining" message should be gone for good
  • Closing the wallet during synchronization will now immediately close the wallet (Network reads are cancelled on wallet close)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the wallet to erratically switch between nodes (common on Whonix)
  • Refreshing is paused during transaction construction
  • Transaction construction now requires an order of magnitude less bandwidth (The output distribution is cached and supplemented when needed)


  • To further mitigate the "double spend" issue that is caused by poor transaction propagation, outgoing transactions are now broadcast to all available websocket nodes over Tor by default, in addition to the current node.
  • This feature can be disabled in the settings


  • The UI flow was improved
  • It is now possible to specify a seed offset passphrase when restoring a seed
  • A dark mode toggle was added to the menu
  • Fixed an issue that could trigger a crash after pressing the Generate button on the create seed page
  • Now automatically suggests a wallet name that hasn't been used when creating a new wallet
  • Setting a password now requires entering it twice

Portable mode:

  • To enable portable mode create a file named ".portable" in the same directory as the executable
  • All configuration and wallet files will be saved relative to the executable in "./feather_data" by default


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Feather from loading Reddit/CCS/Fiat prices, etc.
  • When Feather is started with Torsocks .onion nodes will be used


  • Tor was updated to
  • Restore height for newly created wallets is set to latest blockheight (if available)
  • Trying to open the seed dialog on view-only or non-deterministic wallets will now show a message that a seed is not available
  • Fixed an issue that could cause debug info dialog to block UI

Beta-4 changelog (2021-02-06)


  • Multi-destination transactions
  • Windows release binaries are now reproducible
  • AppImages are now reproducible
  • Seed: enable erasures (replace a word with "xxxx" and recover the full seed)
  • XMR.to exchange integration was removed


  • RandomX is no longer linked (should help mitigate against AV false positives)
  • Speedup wallet restores by skipping unneeded blocks in fast refresh
  • Include unconfirmed payments in balance calculation


  • Color scheme was improved
  • The Home tab is now hideable
  • Statusbar: Balance is displayed more concicely
  • Wizard: sort wallets by last modified
  • Wizard: seed display was improved
  • Wizard: allow double clicking to open wallet
  • Wizard: add button to copy seed to clipboard
  • History: a notice is shown when the wallet is still synchronizing
  • Settings: You can now select the Reddit frontend to use when opening a link
  • Reddit: Right click -> Copy link
  • Whonix: whonix version is detected and shown in the debug dialog
  • TxConf: show message when churn transaction detected
  • TxInfo: UI was improved
  • History: allow filtering by subaddress label


  • Send: don't lose precision on amounts
  • Clear all tables when wallet is closed
  • Nodes: fallback to hardcoded list if no nodes were previously cached
  • Nodes: don't show the exhaustion warning in some scenarios
  • Coins: fix an issue that could cause freeze/thaw to select the wrong index
  • Fix a crash that could occur when the wizard is closed after trying to open a wallet
  • Update balance immediately after sending a transaction
  • Always store wallet on exit
  • Update the Tor binary on filesystem if embedded version is higher


  • Monero updated to v0.17.1.9
  • Tor updated to
  • Wallet cache debug dialog added
  • Various build system improvements
  • Reduced Windows binary size by 60%

Beta-3 changelog (2020-12-25)


  • MorphToken integration was removed (they now block all Tor traffic).


  • Wallet is now saved immediately upon finishing wallet refresh
  • Feather will no longer sometimes display subaddresses belonging to non-primary accounts for wallets that were created with the GUI
  • Websocket connection is now kept alive


  • Wizard: Open wallet page was redesigned
  • Wizard: New banner design
  • Wizard: "Open wallet" is now autoselected if any wallets are detected
  • Status: Wallet refresh shows blocks remaining instead of absolute values
  • Status will now show an animated message during transaction construction
  • Home: Text in table widgets is now word wrapped
  • DebugInfo: Websocket status message is more concise
  • DebugInfo: A new entry was added that shows if the wallet only contains funds in the primary account
  • History: Formatting of fiat amounts is now locale-aware
  • History: It's no longer possible to rebroadcast incoming transactions
  • TxInfo: Tx proofs now have clickable help labels with information about what each proof proves
  • Contacts: It's no longer possible to add duplicate addresses or labels
  • Send: "Pay to", "Description" and "Amount" are now clickable help labels
  • Amounts are now justified in the transaction confirmation dialog
  • External link warning no longer warns about not using Tor on Tails/Whonix
  • Non-breaking spaces were removed from currency strings
  • Fully funded CCS proposals are no longer hidden
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the send button to remain disabled after a new wallet is opened
  • Attempting to send a transaction when the wallet is not connected to a daemon will now show an error
  • Nodes: double click on a node to connect
  • Clicking the balance label will now pop up a dialog with a more detailed balance overview
  • The default wallet directory can now be changed


  • Minor build speedup

Beta-2 changelog (2020-12-15)


  • Failed transactions can now be rebroadcast (as long as the wallet remains open)
  • Rescan spent was added to Wallet -> Advanced


  • Wallet is now saved immediately after sending a transaction (instead of waiting up to 60 seconds)


  • Home widgets can now be switched between using tabs
  • Exchange integrations have been consolidated to a new "Exchange" tab
  • XMRig settings UI was squished to take up less vertical space
  • XMRig tab was renamed to "Mining"
  • Icon for the Calc tab was changed
  • Seed dialog UI was improved
  • Coins: labels can now be copied from the context menu
  • Percentage label is no longer displayed on balance ticker
  • Message boxes now have a single button when no choice has to be made
  • MorphToken: some missing trade states are now accounted for
  • TransactionInfoDialog: Blockheight no longer shows zero for unconfirmed transactions
  • Fiat conversion label now updates when the Send page is autofilled
  • Improved Tor status on Tails in Debug info dialog
  • Menu: disabled "Open wallet" action was removed


  • OpenSSL updated to 1.1.1i (CVE-2020-1971)


  • Monero updated to v0.17.1.7
  • Feather no longer comes bundled with a XMRig binary