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This not the downloads page for Monero.

Wownero is a CPU-mineable privacy-centric memecoin. It is a software fork of Monero with a lite version of RandomX (1MB scratchpad), a ring size of 22, and a faster difficulty adjustment. Wownero has a deflationary finite supply of 184,467,440 coins with a slow and steady emission over 50 years.

Latest release: beta-3 (2021-01-06)

Linux (libc 2.23 and higher) Standalone executable signature 35 MB
AppImage signature 35 MB
Tails (4.0 and higher) AppImage signature 35 MB
Windows (8 and higher) Standalone executable signature 38 MB
macOS (10.0 and higher) Executable signature 56 MB
Source code Git repository

A GPG-signed list of the hashes can be found here. The signing key can be found in our Git repo, here.

The best way to reach us is on IRC: #feather on OFTC.