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In no particular order.

Practical Multisig UX

Replace PyBitmessage as the message transport layer for the MMS with a new self-hostable message service, rethinking multisig wallet setup and abstracting away the MMS in wallets as much as possible.

Bootstrappable builds for Monero core

Removing trusted binary components from Monero’s build process.

See: https://github.com/monero-project/monero/pull/8929

Integration testing

Set up an extensive integration test suite for Feather that covers privacy & security guarantees and performance.

Improve documentation

Write accessible threat modeling documentation; mapping specific concerns to actions users can take.

Monero Improvement Proposals

Set up a BIP equivalent for Monero wallet standards.

Full node manager applet

Bundle a tray applet that allows setting up and managing a full node.

Better protection against memory attacks

See: https://github.com/feather-wallet/feather/issues/72#issuecomment-1405602142

Get ready for the migration to Seraphis

See: https://github.com/seraphis-migration/wallet3

Improve packaging for Linux distributions

Write a document that should help maintainers package Feather for their distribution.

Debian package, Guix.

Support monero:// URIs

If multiple wallets are opened the user should be able to select a wallet.

Add more settings that accomodate users with esoteric threat models

Such as: lock wallet on session lock, prevent taking screenshots from app, “ephemeral mode”.

Set up a bug bounty program for issues that affect privacy or security

Use donation funds to create an incentive for bug hunters. Set up payout tiers depending on severity.

This should give users more confidence that Feather is secure and functions properly.

Add an advanced transaction details view

Show inputs, rings, stealth addresses, other info.

Allow skipping synchronization

POV: You just opened your wallet on Tails after leaving it unopened for 3 months. You proceed to wait an hour or more for your wallet to synchronize knowing that there has been no activity. An advanced option to skip synchronization will eliminate the wait and allow you to send transactions almost immediately.

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